Are your sales associates happy?

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Keeping staff motivated while running a successful showroom takes effort. Here are some tips on how to keep salespeople motivated, encouraged and happy.

Agree on the mission

Are you selling faucets and toilets, or are you selling home improvement dreams? Are you peddling plumbing products or offering a solution to a problem? Remember, a well-designed showroom sells products- salespeople help clients realize their kitchen and bath dreams.

Focus on how your showroom improves customers’ lives and get everyone on board. Once salespeople understand the impact they have on people’s lives, their outlook will change and they will be motivated to sell the whole package.

Developing a customized customer service strategy makes it easy for everyone in the showroom to have a common goal and a consistent approach. You can create a checklist or keep it down to a few simple, easy-to-remember steps- but be sure to let your salespeople find their own path.

Give your sales team the opportunity to follow-up after the sale as well, especially after a big remodel project. A home visit, phone call or online customer satisfaction survey offers a chance for salespeople to learn what worked and what didn’t. Your showroom and sales staff should be an ongoing resource for the client 6 weeks, 6 months or one year after the project is completed.

Challenge your team members

Incentive comes in many forms but commission rates, better pay and bonuses only go so far. Of course, it encourages sales staff to meet their targets and the showroom’s sales goals, but top-notch salespeople can find that sort of incentive wherever they go.

In the retail landscape, nothing is more powerful than an employee who feels supported, motivated and challenged. When you spend so many hours in the week at work, you want to go into work with a sense of purpose.

Offer challenges and show that you care about their personal and professional growth. If they feel they are making a difference, it will show in how they promote the showroom and interact with clients.

Have you tried any of these?

  • Say “Thank you!” Appreciation, especially when it’s shown publicly, is always motivating.

  • Eliminate monotonous work. Make tasks engaging, challenging and meaningful.

  • Focus on happiness within the team, not just for the customers.

  • Get feedback about major decisions and explain the reasons behind showroom changes.

  • Try some happiness intervention: snacks, unscheduled lunches, downtime, fun activities. Happy employees are 12 percent more productive!

  • Offer perks to part-time employees.

The benefit of investing in your sales staff? Less turn-over, more commitment, less time lost training new employees, and a deeper knowledge base your clients can have confidence in.

Give them the right tools

From the right technology to an organized showroom, a sales team needs the right tools to meet their sales goals. As a part of the luxury market, kitchen and bath showrooms sell non-essential goods, which means sales staff need to be creative when developing one-of-a-kind solutions. Keeping everything at their fingertips, especially on a tablet, makes that kind of creativity possible.

Most importantly, however, is a great showroom. A refreshed selling space shows salespeople they are valued; good design inspires the people who interact with customers on a daily basis. It also proves to employees that the showroom is doing well and won’t be closing any time soon. You will see less turnover and have the opportunity to attract top talent.

Continued training about products and services is essential. Confidence and knowledge allow salespeople to make qualified suggestions and present themselves as experts.

Invite them to be brand advocates

Your team knows the showroom and its products better than anyone. They spend the most time there. If they love where their work, they are more likely to recommend the showroom’s services to friends and family. More importantly, their loyalty will show every time they interact with a client. If they believe the whole solution is within their reach, they will have the confidence to convince customers they needn’t shop anywhere else.

Brand awareness activities that benefit showroom and staff

  • Encourage staff to share showroom info on both personal and professional social media accounts, or just ask them to like posts. It’s a small effort that benefits everyone.

  • If you have a blog, ask for staff to contribute.

  • Find out about their favorite local charities and organize drives or events to help them.

  • Invite staff to be a part of decisions big and small, whether it’s about what new products to offer or what to put on display.

  • Feature your employees on social media.

  • Offer a family and friends discount.

Lower the pressure

The days of old-school sales tactics are over. Pushy pitches, insincere speeches, and offering one-size-fits-all solutions send today’s consumers running- usually to internet retailers. Shoppers expect friendly and low-pressure interactions with knowledgeable staff.

Rigid sales goals don’t encourage sales associates to adopt low-pressure sales tactics. Targets are important, but the key to hitting them is providing a flexible and supportive. environment. Salespeople are more likely to hit goals when they set them themselves.

Keeping the pressure off both clients and staff is as easy as allowing salespeople the freedom to define their selling style. Sales goals are important, but it is more important to let staff find their own way of defining and meeting those goals.

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