Enhancing with Statement Zones: Design Areas and Working Kitchens

It goes without saying that the focus is always on the products in a decorative plumbing showroom. That doesn't mean that all the floor space has to go to product display.

Adding one or more statement zones to the showroom helps increase product sales potential and enhance the customer experience. Design-focused areas and working kitchens, for example, are two great zones that help clients feel engaged and comfortable, meaning they'll want to spend more time in the showroom.

Let's take a look at some of the benefits of including these statement zones in the showroom.

Design-Focused Areas

Concept render by SH Design-Build

When the space allows, many showrooms include an area dedicated to design tables and materials. They’re often placed in the middle of the showroom as a focal point, but they can really go anywhere they’re needed to optimize the showroom’s floor plan. We’ve seen design areas with multiple tables, or more compact ones like you see here.

The goal of a design area is to provide a place for sales staff and designers to work comfortably with clients, and to keep samples, catalogs and other tools close at hand. Organization is key and including proper drawers or cabinets for these materials keeps the showroom from looking cluttered. Clients may also feel more relaxed working with showroom associates at a design table than at a sales desk, since there is less pressure and more of a focus on creativity.

Design center at Best Plumbing, Seattle

Design tables or whole design areas also double as event or class spaces. We’ve seen showrooms transform their design areas for events, like cocktails or special sales events. Other showrooms who work closely with designers see this area as an essential part of the showroom, where they can engage design and building professionals with CEU classes, product training and product reveals.

Working Kitchens

Working kitchen at FACETS of Austin

For showrooms that have the room, a working kitchen area, or even more than one, is a great feature that serves multiple functions. It’s an area to optimize your merchandizing by showcasing the best of the best in each category, and truly inspire your clients by giving them a chance to see what the products look like in a real, working environment.

It’s great for showing off the main kitchen products, including sinks, faucets and appliances, but it’s also a space for showcasing everything else a client could want in a kitchen.