Showroom Owners Need to Keep Track of These 2018 Kitchen Design Trends

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

As a showroom owner, manager or sales associate, you have to be sensitive not only to top kitchen trends, but what your clients actually want in their homes. Some clients stick with what's traditional while others are edgy and adventurous. Deciding what to put on display comes down to knowing your clientele.

Still, it never hurts to take a look at the trends and inspire your customers with new products and design ideas.

From matte black decorative plumbing fixtures to smart technology, here are some of the top trends we're seeing in the kitchen design world.

Trendy details, classic style

Those opting for these trends are most likely following design boards on Pinterest, reading decor magazines and looking for the best way to build a functional, organized kitchen. Clientele in this category are most likely sensitive to home value and renovation ROI.

Photo by Studio 7042 from Pexels
An industrial look with mixed metals and interesting finishes.

  • Mixed metals for hardware and appliances.

  • Gold, bronze and copper finishes

  • Industrial faucets, shelving and style

  • Metal accents like pendant lighting

  • Tiles with metal inlay

• All-white kitchens

Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash
White kitchens are clean, classic and elegant. This one features hidden appliances and statement lighting.

  • Hidden Appliances- even fridges and ovens are being disguised by clever design.

  • Black Appliances (matte black is very popular)

  • Intricate Flooring (mixes of tile and wood, for example)

  • Better kitchen storage options

  • Removing upper cabinets- no one can reach those top shelves anyway.

  • Multi-functional kitchen islands- no longer are islands a last-minute addition. Now, they combine extra counter space, storage solutions, wine fridges, a casual dining space, an extra sink, maybe even a trough for cooling drinks and serving seafood. They are the key to smart kitchen organization.

  • Color in the kitchen- white, ivory, yellow, red, green, blue and gray are popular colors, but we are also seeing rich blues, lime green, bright coral and daring reds.

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
A dramatic use of color in this turquoise ombre kitchen

High-Tech: Build-In or Add-On

High-tech solutions are making their way into the home and the kitchen in no exception. Some homeowners opt for a few gadgets to make their lives easier, especially ones that connect to virtual assistants; others go all-out with smart refrigerators, ovens, stoves, lighting- you name it.

  • Smart Kitchens: appliances are controlled via cell phone, tablet or virtual assistant; temperature and lighting options can be programmed to specific user preferences.

  • Boiling water tap has become an essential

  • WIFI-ready appliances- start the oven from the office or get the kettle boiling before you get out of bed.

  • iPad integration- countertops with iPad ready slots are essential for home cooks.

  • Multiple ovens and other appliances

Photo by iAlicante Mediterranean Homes on Unsplash
A sleek kitchen with high-end appliances mixes wood and metal

  • Faucets that connect with Alexa, heat water to a preferred temperature, or pre-measure the water according to what you need.

  • Steam ovens

  • Smart refrigerators- they let you know when you’re running low on food or let you peek in via your smart phone from the grocery store.

Eco-friendly Options

These options are often cost-effective and appeal to a wide variety of customers. While many of these trends can be DIY’d, offering these options shows that a showroom is committed to being environmentally responsible.

  • Bamboo floors and backsplashes

  • Cork floors

  • Recycled glass or stone-chipped composite countertops

  • Soapstone Counters

  • Recycling and composting stations

  • Low VOC paint

  • Barn wood elements

  • Sustainable wood for floors, backsplashes, countertops and islands.

  • Upcycling old furniture and materials.

  • Water-saving faucets and appliances

  • LED lighting

  • Organic textiles like cotton and linen for walls and window treatments

  • Reclaimed tile

  • Indoor herb and vegetable growing stations- not everyone has a garden, especially not one that grows year-round. Indoor gardens with or without lights are increasingly popular. (Check out the Urban Cultivator)

Cutting-Edge Kitchens:

The clientele for these features is a little different. They are sophisticated trend-followers with particular tastes who are more likely to update their kitchens with more frequency than the average consumer. They take cues from European design and will no doubt go for top-of-the-line appliances, fixtures, flooring and décor.

  • Retro Appliances

  • Futuristic faucets

  • Innovative Design

  • Colored Grout

  • Vertical kitchens

  • Custom Refrigeration

  • Engineered Surfaces

  • Invisible Induction Stoves

Trends to Avoid

What about kitchen trends homeowners may regret? Some of these sound like a good idea at the time, but they can get look dated fast and be hard to change. Remind your clients that timeless, smart design will last a lot longer than these trends:

  • Pot racks

  • Desks in the kitchen

  • Distressed cabinets

  • Faux finishes on walls and cabinets

  • Mini backsplashes- do the whole wall or don’t do it at all!

  • Featureless windows- no privacy and unfiltered light? Window treatments are needed!

  • Tiled countertops- they're hard to clean. Why bother when there are so many other options?

  • Bright-colored appliances: this is one of those impulsive decisions that usually ends up in buyer’s remorse. Add color on the walls, cabinets and with décor.

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