Layout Looks with Impact

Updated: Aug 18

Arranging displays and products in the showroom in the right layout for the space takes careful consideration. The way products are displayed has a major impact on everyone from the sales staff to designers to homeowners, and there are so many ways to play around with merchandizing techniques.

Here are some of the layout looks showrooms of all sizes can try!

Functional Look

When looking for functionality, it’s about getting as many products on display as possible without the space looking cluttered. In this type of setting, a balance of horizontal and vertical merchandising is key.

In the middle of the showroom, especially the area in front of the entrance, horizontal displays for sinks and kitchen faucets allow for great visual impact and keeps the view of the showroom clear. It sends a message to the client that they’ve come to the right place for a variety of options, while also creating a sense of comfort because everything is organized and easy to find.

The other benefit of using lower, horizontal displays is that they encourage clients to approach the products, handle it, and see it from the proper point of view. While you can display sinks on a wall, for example, it’s harder for a shopper to visualize how it will look once installed.

Horizontal merchandizing causes people to move from side to side, which leads them into a flow through the center of the showroom. Once they complete this part of the experience, they can move to the outer walls, where vertical displays hold even more product.

Vertical displays, those along the outer walls or dividing up spaces within the showroom, are the best place to present faucets, hardware, accessories, shower heads and lighting options. This type of display keeps items at eye level, where customers tend to focus, and lets them stay in one place to survey everything on offer.

For any smaller items displayed vertically, such as faucets, hardware or small accessories, it’s important that the items can easily be taken down by sales staff in case someone wants a better look, or it’s time for design selection. Removable pods and boards are a great solution for this issue, with the added benefit that it keeps products organized and displayed consistently.

Interactive Look

If the showroom encourages clients to feel and try out the products, there are some fun ways to arrange products to encourage that sort of interactivity. This is where cross-merchandizing comes in. Using a mix of vertical and horizontal displays, you can place everything a client needs for a particular space in the home in a convenient arrangement.

With this method, you can put a mix of products in one display or area, making it

easier for them to visualize how the products work together. Bathroom sinks near bathroom faucets, toilets and bathtubs- you’re offering the whole solution! Another fun choice is to put a working faucet display near the kitchen sinks so people can try them out.