SH Design-Build or SH Display Fixtures: Which One is Right for Me?

There could be a thousand reasons for updating your showroom. Maybe the space is outdated. Maybe a renovation to increase your sales. Maybe your sales staff is begging for a new look (our clients tell us this all the time!). No matter what the reason, it’s a big decision that will impact the future the space for years to come.

We now offer two ways for showroom owners or managers to create spaces that work for clients, staff and the bottom line. We wanted to provide options for people who are looking for full support, from design to installation, as well as a tool for those who need to refresh without going through a full-scale renovation.

Let’s look at how to choose what works best for you and the showroom.

SH Design-Build

This is the tool for showroom owners and managers looking for a full renovation involving:

  • Design

  • Floor plan and layout

  • Merchandising strategy

  • Custom displays

  • Showroom component installation

A full-scale renovation is a massive undertaking, and it is important to understand from the outset how much time you are willing to dedicate to the project. While it’s possible to design in-house, work with a general contractor and have display fixtures made at a local millwork, the amount of decision making and coordination can take you away from more important matters.

Going with full design, fabrication and installation services provided by a company with decades of experience in showroom environments, you can be sure budget, design, schedule and installation are discussed and detailed from the very beginning. The support team of designers, draftsmen and project managers and retail specialists guide you through the process and eliminate a lot of the guesswork.

At the beginning of a full renovation project, you let the team know about the space, product categories, branding requirements and other details, and they create a design that takes all that into account. Included in that are the custom display fixtures that fit with the layout and work with the merchandising plan. They are also custom designed to suit the showroom’s aesthetic and brand. The display fixtures are fabricated at our facility with commercial grade materials, and shipped to the showroom ready to installed.

Ultra Design Center, custom showroom design and displays by SH Design-Build

Installation is a major phase in any renovation, and it’s often when schedules go off-track. Putting a showroom together, especially on a deadline, can take an extraordinary amount of time and energy; this is especially true if you’re renovating a space while still working in it. Coordinating local contractors is hard enough and they are not always experienced with the heavy-duty fixtures needed for decorative plumbing products, which is why we work with an experienced contractor who installs our showroom components on site.

While a showroom renovation or build-out is a significant investment, the cost can be amortized over time if expansion plans are in your future, or you have another location that needs a renovation. With a design and drawings in hand, we can help you develop a showroom program that will streamline future projects.

SH Display Fixtures