Taking Advantage of Seasonal Renovation Trends

Depending on the project, there are better times than other to begin renovations. More often than not, the impulse to make changes, major or minor ones, has a lot more to do with emotion than with practical concerns.

Changes in weather are a big factor. A new season, especially spring and summer, get people thinking about making those changes they were dreaming about all winter.

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Everyone in the renovation business, from contractors to designers to kitchen and bath showrooms, pays close attention to renovation rhythms. The ups and downs of customer demands follow certain patterns.

Knowing when people want to remodel defines how much merchandise is ordered, what’s displayed on the floor, how much staff is required to satisfy customers’ needs. On the flip side, understanding the downtimes in the business, when fewer people are renovating or even thinking about renovating, creates great selling opportunities.

Spring and Summer: High Demand, High Cost

The weather is getting better and consumers are back on track after paying back holiday debts.

Both spring and summer are busy times, as many homeowners decide to invest in new cupboards, a new tub and sink, or complete room remodels. Why? Summer is the time for entertaining and there are guests to impress.

For example, more people ask for bathroom remodels in July than at any other time of year. That means homeowners are looking for tiles, toilets and everything that goes along with a new bathroom.

Bathrooms renos are on people's minds in the spring!

More requests mean contractors are busy, delays are more likely, and materials are both more expensive. There may even be issues with backorders for popular products and order mix-ups. Contractors are working on multiple projects and may even have higher fees.

While some projects simply have to get done in warmer months (especially in northern states), are spring and summer really the best times to start working on a huge renovation project?


This time of year is also quite popular for remodels, with homeowners pushing for projects to be finished before the holiday season. As the weeks go by, though, project requests drop off.

For those who don’t have a holiday deadline in mind, late fall can be a great time to start a project, even outdoor ones. Business slows down for many contractors around the holiday season, meaning they have more time and attention to devote to the projects they take on.

There's no reason not to start a remodel in the fall.

Autumn and winter are also the best time to plan for upcoming projects and really organized homeowners can take advantage of slow seasons to start sourcing and buying materials. Encourage your clients to take advantage of sales and start storing materials for future projects.


A slow time- for everyone. Consumers do a lot of looking this time of year and little buying, especially after the holiday season. For a showroom owner though, this is a season with lots of opportunities.

Little projects done over the winter won’t cost as much as full-on renovations and really brighten the long winter days.

Things to suggest:



New tile (or maybe just new grout!)


Encourage clients to complete small projects in the winter months.

Winter is the time to suggest making those updates that were put off during the summer months, when bigger projects took over. This is the time of year to attract the DIY-ers to the showroom. Promote easy-to-install products or sale products to encourage clients to do mini-projects all winter long.

Adjusting sales tactics, special offers and merchandising techniques to the seasons is a smart way to attract people to the showroom. No matter what the season, staying aware of renovation trends and buying patterns makes good business sense.

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