The Trade Show Survival Guide: Part 2

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Before SH Design-Build entered the kitchen and bath showroom world, we built trade show kiosks. We have been to dozens of trade shows all over North America and we’ve learned quite a bit, as visitors and vendors.

We also understand that setting up a booth at a trade show is a big investment. With the right plan (and the tips and strategies we're sharing below), you can head into trade show season with confidence.

3 Things to Remember

Attendees have buying power.

4 out of 5 trade show visitors are authorized to buy. (Source:

Want to reach the decision makers? Nearly half (46%) of attendees are in executive or upper management. Source:

A captive audience. Visitors spend an average of 9 hours checking out kiosks and exhibits. Source:

Having lot of potential customers in one place is great. But how do you make sure they visit your booth? How can you stand out to attendees who have spent hours of the trade show floor?

People are attracted to great graphics and a clear message.

Anatomy of a trade show booth

An example of an SH-designed trade-show booth

Roll-ups, banners, podiums, display furniture and elements should be well designed using high-resolution images and graphics. No one is impressed by a 6-foot banner with fuzzy images.

People, especially those born in more recent generations, are far more visual than they used to be. In previous years, pamphlets and text-heavy banners served to educate trade show visitors, who were more inclined to stop and read. Now, people want experiences that let them try, see and touch.

Distill your brand, images and information down to the essentials. Make it simple for people to know who you are, what you do, and how they can contact you.

  • Sharp graphics

  • Large images

  • Easy-to-read literature (flyers, pamphlets, etc.)

  • Business cards with complete information

  • Email sign-up form

  • Tablet or computer

  • Business Card Scanner

  • Good Lighting

Attracting People to Your Booth

Interactive Displays

When you give booth visitors something to do, they are more likely to hang around. Having a touch screen with your products or previous projects, infographics, quick snapshots of your services or process and even reviews keep visitors busy swiping. This can be helpful if you are busy with one visitor and don't want to lose the chance to speak with another.