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How Manufacturers Can Stand Out in Decorative Plumbing Showrooms

Manufacturers displays take up a significant amount of real estate in decorative plumbing showrooms. In any given showroom, there could be dozens of different manufacturers selling hundreds of different products, using everything from small aisle displays to store-within-store techniques. In this highly competitive environment, manufacturers' displays have to stand out.

Displays are in constant competition for the consumer’s attention; what’s more, in a showroom environment, these displays are fighting for the attention of the sales staff as well as designers.

What it comes down to is this: aesthetics count. A consistent, branded look tells consumers what to expect from the company and the products.

Outdated or disorganized displays send a subtle message to the consumer that the products on display are out of style and of low quality; this issue affects even the world’s biggest companies, which is why top brands update their displays regularly. A salesperson or designer will avoid bringing their client to a disorganized or outdated display because it is a harder sell. On the other hand, a well-built, properly organized display that showcases the best a brand has to offer sends a message of value and quality. In this case, the products almost sell themselves.

Top brands recognize the need to roll out nationwide display programs that send a clear message to showroom managers and consumers. Brands that invest in displays made with high-quality materials and designed with current trends in mind communicate their comprehension of the industry, commitment to quality products and understanding of their target audience.

Display programs that have the flexibility to adapt to a variety of showroom styles and layouts are what showroom owners are looking for. Fitting a manufacturer’s display into an existing showroom layout is a challenge, so the more flexibility the better. Display design should allow for different configurations and space requirements, so showroom managers don’t feel they’ve lost control of their space.

When it comes time for a manufacturer to develop a nationwide display program, a partnership with an experienced fabrication company ensures that everything from design to roll-out goes smoothly.

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