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Showroom Feature: Isenberg Faucets

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

With demand high, Isenberg made the decision to expand their corporate office and water experience center, moving to a new 20,000 square foot building in Dallas. Incorporated in the new facility is a 2,000 square foot water experience center focused exclusively on Isenberg products.

Isenberg has been designing and manufacturing luxury plumbing fixtures since 2008, offering a variety of bathroom and kitchen products with a sleek, modern feel. The products designed and manufactured in Dallas include faucets, showerheads, tub fillers, accessories and a unique range of cascade products, in 24 different finishes. As a luxury brand with products in upwards of 450 showrooms across the United States and Canada, Isenberg uses this new showroom as a training and product showcase destination.

Custom Isenberg faucet displays
Isenberg Showroom, Dallas

The aim of the showroom is to provide a brand-focused space to train Isenberg sales representatives, on the products, as well as salespeople coming from around the country to learn about the products and get a real feel for how they look and function.

“It’s there to show our products in a way that customers would use them,” says Steve Batoff, Isenberg’s Sales Manager.

In terms of retail clients, the showroom is open to walk-ins but does not sell products from that location, as the main goal of the space is to really show how the products work and how they will be used by the end-user.

Shower head and accessory displays
Isenberg Showroom, Dallas

Even though the Dallas showroom operates differently than a traditional decorative plumbing showroom, Isenberg still wanted the look and feel of a luxury product showroom. The design was inspired by the products themselves- modern, simple and clean. To that end, the showroom has a modern style, with an open floor plan and spacious displays to eliminate crowding. Product selection centers on the shower sets, faucets, cascade tub fillers and body jets that Isenberg is known for.

When thinking about the overall design of the showroom, Isenberg wanted to stay on brand. Working with SH Design-Build, Isenberg developed a space that truly meets the needs of the brand as well as the sleek, modern look of the products.

Custom Isenberg shower head and faucet displays
Isenberg Showroom, Dallas

“We wanted a look and general feel that goes with our brand. If you look at our catalogue, a lot of that color scheme is in the design,” says Steve. “Generally, the design is neutral, with a black and white theme.”

During the design process with SH Design-Build, Isenberg let the design team know what they were looking for and provided a full list of products they wanted on the floor. With that information, the design team worked on a layout and displays that would allow Isenberg to put many items on display while keeping products organized.

One of the standouts of the new space is a fully functional shower display, which allows visitors to get a real sense of how the products will work once installed.

Working shower display in the Isenberg decorative plumbing showroom.
Isenberg Showroom, Dallas

“People want to know how the shower heads and handhelds look and feel when it’s working, how the water comes out,” Steve explains. “We also sell a lot of cascade products, so people want to see how the water flows. To keep that in mind, we made an area in the showroom to have all of this working.”

For this showroom space, with its focus on presentation and training, a unique approach was taken in terms of overall design. Staying true to the brand was a key element, as was the need to show the functionality of the products. With this new showroom, Isenberg will have an excellent training resource, as well as a brand-centered space to truly highlight their diverse range of products.

Thanks to Steve Batoff , Isenberg Sales Manager & Abbas Poonwala, Isenberg Managing Director, for speaking to us about the showroom.


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