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New Diamond-Finish Acrylic Pods and Bases by SH

Experience the best acrylic pods and bases on the market thanks to the newest offering from SH Design-Build. These acrylic bases are engineered specifically to support decorative plumbing elements like faucets, accessories and hardware, produced in a crystal-clear acrylic that creates a feeling of luxury. SH offers competitive pricing and the fastest turnaround in the industry, with pods manufactured and shipped in as little as one week.

These subtle yet luxurious acrylic bases are ideal for displaying faucets, shower components, hardware and accessories throughout the showroom in a clean and organized way. Clear, functional and durable, these pods won’t distract from the products and allow you to move items around the showroom to illustrate design options.

With a collection of SH acrylic bases, you can have a consistent look across the showroom no matter what products you sell. SH offers a variety of standard and custom sizes, as well as custom configurations to suit merchandising display needs. Choose from clear or white acrylic pods to best compliment your showroom’s style.

SH’s high-volume capacity ensures that showrooms and manufacturers get acrylic pods in the sizes and quantities they need. Pods can be shipped to manufacturing facilities, showrooms or wherever they are needed. Installation is fast and easy, as pods can also be pre-drilled based on product specs.

Shop the Collection and Explore Your Options

Acrylic Pods and Bases by SH


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