Showroom Feature: Ultra Design Center, Denver, CO.

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Driven by a mission to be a one-stop shop for all things design, Denver’s brand-new Ultra Design Center opened its doors in May. The three-floor center was conceived to bring the experience of interior design to a new level, with convenience and cross-selling at the heart of the vision.

According to the showroom's general manager Kevin Castelo, who has led Ultra Design Center since 2012, the company wanted to bring all the design resources under one roof. In doing so, clients and customers can reduce travel time between design destinations and get everything done more efficiently.

Ultra outgrew their existing location and made the decision to build an entirely new facility. For their part of the building, Ultra partnered with SH Design-Build on the layout and displays for the kitchen, bath and lighting sections.

Kevin learned about SH Design-Build through the Luxury Products Group (LPG) and spoke to other showrooms who had worked with the firm before deciding to bring SH on as a partner.

We asked Kevin about the partnership with SH and how the showroom has evolved from idea to reality.

Showroom as destination

“For Ultra specifically, we’re really focused on what is it that makes a retail store a compelling destination…we really wanted to make it…engaging so that customers can really discover what is possible with their project."

A welcoming reception desk and a custom shadowbox lighting display.

Experiential Retail

“I think that the access that people have to products online has forced companies to really raise the bar in terms of the experience that you’re providing in a retail location.”

A working faucet display.

Clean, sleek working shower display.

Design Phase

“I think overall we worked very well together in the design phase. We had certain preconceived notions, but this was really the first time we had done a showroom from scratch, so we really were looking to learn from your experience. At the end, both parties had a lot of input and we ended up with a good final layout.”

A conceptual render of the showroom layout.

Reaction of the sales staff