When it comes to customer experience, K&B showrooms are at a retail advantage

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

This isn’t something you hear too often, but the fact is consumers still need to see and feel what they’re buying. No matter how much information the internet can provide, it can’t replace the sensory experience of being in a physical store.

Experience is everything. Otherwise, people could simply stay at home and do all their shopping on their computers or phones.

You can take advice from the retail world, where retailtainment and predictive analytics are popular trends, but the truth is kitchen and bath showrooms are already at an advantage.

Shaking hands on a deal. Photo credit Mattew Henry.
One-on-one customer service can't be beat

Providing a personalized experience is what

you do best.

Personalized experiences drive higher sales: 40 percent of shoppers spend more than they planned when a shopping experience is tailored to them. It’s no wonder. Online retailers immediately present add-ons and new options based on the original search term. The same can be true in a physical store.

  • Keep track of a client’s order history, especially if they have purchased from you online.

  • An app with all your products helps salespeople make better suggestions.

  • Show them what the products will look like in their homes with VR (virtual reality) or AR (augmented reality).

Don’t offer ‘maybes’ when you can offer ‘the one.’

The best-designed showrooms are inviting, organized and interactive. There is no mystery anymore; most purchases are driven by impulse and emotion, and the best retail environments play this to their advantage.

Create a connection:

And not just with a great a sales team! Working faucets and shower heads, a mix of trendy and traditional styles, interesting textures- these are things customers can feel and experience with all their senses.

Offer the unexpected: Can your clients book time to actually try out the products? Take product experience to a new level by letting customers try out baths and showers- check out the Kohler Experience Centers.

Spark the imagination:

It’s as simple as adding lifestyle graphics. Show them what life will be like with their new products.

Trigger their emotions:

Immersive in-store experiences can mean anything from a cocktail hour to a decorating class to a live music event. There is no way an online retailer can compete with that!

Make them feel at home:

A cup of coffee, lemonade in the summer, a comfortable place to sit and speak with a sales person- it’s the little things that count.

Online prep for offline sales

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