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Showroom Feature: GSI Bath Showcase Doylestown, PA

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

We love sharing our outstanding showroom design with our followers. This week we are featuring GSI Bath Showcase in Doylestown, PA.

After a 2016 fire destroyed their existing showroom in Doylestown, PA, GSI Bath Showcase opened their new space to the public in mid-April.

The renovation project was overseen by Grove Supply, Inc. showroom vice-president John Vitale, who has been working in the industry for 30 years. This was not his first renovation project; in the past, he worked with in-house designers and local contractors when updating his showrooms.

Sink, shower and toilet display fixtures featuring lifestyle graphics
Graphics and color add a pop to display fixtures

Due to the fire, John was able to start from scratch. When searching for the right renovation partner, he got in touch with SH Design-Build, who he had heard about through the Luxury Products Group association.

The project had clear goals from the beginning:

- Professional and cohesive look

- Custom display fixtures

- Lifestyle graphics

- Mini-suites

- Working displays wired for electricity

- Attractive to designers

SH and John collaborated first on the floor plan, which was designed specifically to control traffic and guide customers through the store. During the design phase, John’s experience and SH’s industry expertise contributed to a floor plan that makes it easier for sales staff to help clients, and easier for clients to have a great retail experience.

Sink display fixtures and central sales area
A central sales area is complimented by custom sink display fixtures

Another important element was creating a space for local designers and their clients. A design corner with a large rolling table, sample binders and CEU classes are helping GSI Bath Showplace make designers a bigger part of its customer base in the area.

Adding to optimized layout are faucet walls and a modular display system designed specifically for GSI’s merchandise. The displays make it easier for customers to find what they’re looking for without feeling overwhelmed by options. As a showroom dedicated to helping customers with every step of the bathroom renovation or remodel process, it is important for GSI Bath Showplace to properly display the many style, function and finish options they offer.

Open-concept window display.
Open-concept window displays bring in light and attract walk-ins.

SH manufactured the modules, slat walls and other custom modular display furniture to create a sense of openness and organization. One of the more unique elements in the display fixture plan was an attractive window display meant to let in light and draw traffic from outside.

The showroom keeps up with top trends and is committed to offering exceptional customer experience. Clients are invited to lie down in tubs, and not just in the showroom. GSI Bath Showplace added an ‘experience room’, where clients can book appointments to actually try out a steam shower (courtesy of Mr. Steam) and a microsilk whirlpool tub (courtesy of Jason International)

(Learn more about the showroom here.)


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